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What are mindfulness-based approaches and how can I train myself to use them?

  • What is mindfulness?
  • What are mindfulness-based approaches?
  • What are the benefits to traders and fund managers in using them?
  • How do I train them?

Committed action and developing and strengthening discipline

  • The trading performance cycle and the importance of trading process
  • Strengthening commitment to action – leveraging actions, values and goals
  • Developing discipline through poise: trading when facing challenging thoughts and emotions

Developing mindful awareness, attention and focus

  • Developing present moment attention
  • Observing thoughts, emotions, sensations and impulses in real time
  • Developing the mental muscle of trading discipline and self-control

From aversion to acceptance, getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, dealing with losses, being wrong and regret

  • Understanding aversions such as losing, being wrong, making a mistake, regret and missing out
  • Developing strategies to approach challenging & uncomfortable thoughts, emotions & sensations
  • Developing the ability to trade in the presence of difficult thoughts, emotions and sensations

Managing the trading mind

  • Developing a mental framework for successful trading/investing
  • Managing difficult and unhelpful thoughts and outdated mental scripts
  • Strengthening confidence and dealing with losses and setbacks

Working with your trading emotions

  • Developing practical strategies to manage fear, stress, anger and unhelpful trading emotions
  • Learn how to recognise and reduce the impact of your emotions
  • Learn how to harness your emotions, and use them as data to enhance your trading decisions

Trading mind, trading body

  • Understanding the role of the body in risk taking and decision making
  • Gut feel and interoception, and how to train your mind-body connectivity
  • Practical strategies for managing stress and fatigue

Becoming a mindful trader/fund manager

  • Developing strategies to integrate formal & informal practices into your trading & investing


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