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WEEK ONE: 20th April 2020
Decision Making, Discipline and Developing Trading and Investing Skill

  • Understand what trading performance is, and the 3 components of trading performance
  • The importance of process and the role of skill and luck in trading results
  • Decision making, cognitive and emotional biases, discipline and style drift

WEEK TWO: 4th May 2020
Developing Self-Awareness, Self-Control and Discipline

  • The importance of self-awareness to high performance in trading and investing
  • The core processes of developing self-awareness – reflective, critical and mindful awareness
  • Risk type awareness – review and gain insights from your Risk Personality assessment
  • How to use them to enhance your trading decisions

WEEK THREE: 18th May 2020
Developing A Winning Traders Mindset – Thinking Differently

  • How your mental framework (mindset) influences your decision making and performance
  • Assessing your trading mindset, your beliefs, and perceptions
  • Understanding how you think about risk, markets, trading, winning, losing, money, mistakes
  • Strategies for developing/refining your mental framework for enhanced performance

WEEK FOUR: 25th May 2020
Managing Your Trading Emotions – Fear, Anxiety, Anger and Overconfidence

  • The neuroscience of emotions and trading decisions
  • How to develop your emotional awareness
  • How to harness and use your emotions as data to enhance your decision making

WEEK FIVE: 15th June 2020
Trading With Confidence – Developing The Mental Skills of High Performance Trading

  • Developing the mental skills required to enhance your trading decision making
  • Dealing with trading losses, setbacks and challenges
  • Practical strategies for enhancing your composure, commitment, confidence and concentration

WEEK SIX: 29th June 2020
Applying The Physiology of Trading Decision Making: The Mind-Body Connection

  • Understand the role that the body plays in risk taking and decision making
  • The stress response, developing stress resilience and biofeedback training
  • Decision fatigue and the importance of managing energy for optimising decision making
  • Gut feel and strategies for developing interoception (your 6th sense)


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