We are delighted to be supporting the following organisations this year;

True Athlete Project

We believe in the power of sport to make a positive difference. However, we are acutely aware that sport often fails to live up to its full potential, leading to high rates of dropout, burnout, bullying, anxiety, depression, and suffering.

We work across disciplines to design mindful training techniques that engage sport as a powerful tool for self-mastery and increased overall awareness. Our practical, person-centered approach to changing the culture of sport demonstrates that nurturing mental wellbeing and improving performance are not mutually exclusive!



Streets2Homes is a charity based in Harlow, Essex who provide a day centre which seeks to reach out to and help homeless people. We provide a safe and friendly environment in which we can assist them in a number of ways including finding accommodation.

The demand for housing in this area always outstrips availability so it can take time to find suitable accommodation and we are always looking for good landlords to work with us. The day centre provides a place to access housing advice and practical assistance to secure accommodation, social contact, training sessions, employment advice, health services, washing facilities, food, clothing, general guidance and support.

We cannot do all the work ourselves but we have links with a wide range of agencies and organisations that we can contact to try to get the appropriate type of assistance to meet the needs of our clients.


Harlow Foodbank

The Harlow Foodbank works in partnership with churches, schools, supermarkets, businesses and front-line professional care agencies to provide a very valuable community resource.

The Foodbank is designed to help individuals and families in crisis by providing free emergency food until the appropriate agencies are in a position to assist.

Our aim is to engage with communities, introducing sustainable projects that enable marginalised people to break through their cycle of poverty.