What We Do


Practical, Evidence-Based Strategies For Enhancing Trading and Investing Performance

We specialise in performance enhancement for traders, fund managers and frontline markets professionals based around three key areas of performance, psychology and physiology.

Trading and investing are challenging activities. Performing well and making decisions under conditions of risk and uncertainty requires more than just skills, knowledge and an effective trading or investing strategy.

To achieve and sustain high performance you must also utilise specific performance principles, develop a winning psychology and have high physiological energy and resilience.

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It is rare to hear of elite sports people who do not have coaches. Professional athletes and teams utilise coaches to maximise their performance, to achieve and then to sustain high performance. Traders and fund managers can benefit in the same way through a personalised 1-1 coaching process that is built around assessment, performance review, feedback, the learning and development of specific performance, psychological and physiological skills and approaches and focused trading and investing behaviour change.


In-House : Bespoke training for traders, fund managers and front line markets professionals of all experience levels is available in-house, including short presentations, workshops and training programs..

Open courses : Several 2-day open enrolment courses are run in London through the year on ‘Trading Psychology’ and ‘Mindfulness for Traders and Fund Managers’.

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We provide a bespoke consultancy service to individuals and institutions who want tailored performance solutions.


Risk Profiling – a powerful psychometric tool for assessing risk type, risk attitude and risk tolerance. This is a very useful developmental tool for individuals to develop awareness of their own risk type and tendencies, especially in relation to their trading or investing style; and also for desks and organisations to look at risk diversification, and also for more effective management of market risk professionals.

Physiological Performance Lifestyle Assessment – a cutting edge biofeedback assessment which measures a person’s balance of stress, recovery, sleep and physical activity - typically over a 72 hour period – and allows for an objective view of the impact of their lifestyle on their performance, and provides a catalyst for change.



Steve is a regular and popular conference and events speaker who has provided presentations to a wide range of clients at venues across the globe. He is renowned for his enthusiastic delivery, ability to engage audiences and his skill in being able to translate his messages and ideas into practical take home techniques and strategies.

Steve is available for speaking, media and writing/publishing engagements upon request.