We specialise in working with traders, fund managers and markets and banking professionals across asset class and experience levels, at banks, funds, commodities trading houses, energy companies, utilities and proprietary trading groups across the globe, helping them to improve their decision making, risk taking and ability to achieve and sustain high performance.

Our work is focused on delivering evidence-based practical strategies and tactics, leveraging the latest research and practice from elite performance, behavioural science, psychology, neuroscience and physiology, combined with extensive experience of working in the field – ‘real life’



Bespoke 1-1 coaching programs are available for traders and portfolio managers, looking to improve their decision making, risk taking, performance, psychology and physiology.


Bespoke training is available in-house both face-to-face and online, including short presentations, workshops and longer training programs.

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We provide a bespoke consultancy and advisory service to individuals, teams, and institutions who want tailored performance solutions.


Risk Profiling (Psychology)– a powerful psychometric tool for assessing risk type, risk attitude and risk tolerance. Reports can be produced for individuals looking to raise awareness of their own risk type and tendencies and for desks/teams/organisations looking to assess risk culture, diversification and team effectiveness.

Performance Lifestyle Assessment (Physiology) – a cutting edge biofeedback assessment which measures a person’s balance of stress, recovery, sleep and physical activity over a 72-hour period – and allows for an objective view of the impact of their lifestyle on their performance, and provides a useful catalyst for change.

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Steve is a regular and popular conference and events speaker who has provided presentations to a wide range of clients at venues across the globe. He is renowned for his enthusiastic delivery, ability to engage audiences and his skill in being able to translate his messages and ideas into practical take home techniques and strategies.